Personnel Policy

Human resources are one of the most valuable assets of OOO Neft Samara and the key to the successful work of OOO Neft Samara. In its activities, OOO Neft Samara relies on the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm of its staff in all areas of activity, both in Russia and abroad.

Personnel training and education

With the rapid development of scientific and technological progress, an important factor in the company’s success is the high qualification of its personnel. The company is constantly working to improve the systems of training, retraining and advanced training of personnel. The selection of training institutions has been streamlined through tendering to reduce absolute costs and reduce the number of contractors involved in training. As part of the curriculum, cooperation agreements were signed with leading universities in Russia.

Social Security Programs

Effective social security programs help attract highly skilled workers to a company, reduce employee turnover, strengthen corporate spirit and are the foundation for successful operations. To encourage employees and work groups to continue to make a significant contribution to the development of the company, achieving high production, financial and economic performance, as well as to improve the corporate structure in the company.

Selection and rotation of personnel

The selection of personnel is of paramount importance in terms of the organization of the company’s production process. When hiring new personnel, the company uses transparent selection criteria. The competitive selection system is based on uniform principles for evaluating candidates in terms of professional and managerial skills and general development potential.