Health and safety

The basis for the implementation of the strategic goals of ensuring a safe working environment in the Company is leadership and maintaining a high culture of safe work and the right attitude to environmental protection. All Company executives are personally responsible for achieving the HSE goals, including through personal demonstration of appropriate safe behavior and leadership at HSE.

The main tasks of a leader in the field of HSE are to apply in practice, to demonstrate to others the importance of complying with the HSE requirements, to ensure their observance and to comply with the principles established in the Company’s HSE Policy, including by promoting the correct safe behavior of employees, as well as monitoring their implementation. The CEO of the Company is the leading guide in the formation and development of leadership in the HSE area at the level of the entire Company. In business units in the areas of activity, the highest vice-presences in the HSE area are demonstrated by the respective vice presidents – GC curators, who act as representatives of the top management of HSE IU in their departments. At the GC level, leadership qualities are demonstrated by their leaders, who commit resources to the Higher School of Economics; Heads of structural divisions (SU).