Exploration Work

OOO Neft Samara is carrying out geological exploration work in order to expand the resource base. Exploration has consistently yielded good results thanks to advanced exploration techniques and the selection of the most promising areas based on research results.

OOO Neft Samara “conducts work and carries out a complex of studies for geological exploration and experimental work, as well as measures to create its own geophysical service. Methods of field seismic modeling have been introduced to ensure optimal monitoring systems for projects in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

The company takes a systematic and integrated approach to the exploration and development of its fields and license areas, from collecting and interpreting seismic data to creating dynamic field models for the placement of exploration and production wells. We use state of the art geological and hydrodynamic modeling as well as new drilling and completion techniques to maximize ultimate hydrocarbon production in a cost-effective and environmentally sound manner.


To enhance the success of exploration drilling, the phased implementation of advanced technologies for processing and interpreting seismic data continued. In particular, innovative approaches to accounting for column head discontinuities are used to minimize prediction errors for structures. At the design stage, finite-difference modeling of the wave field is carried out to select the optimal parameters for seismic exploration.

The main achievement of the OOO Neft Samara geological exploration program is the discovery of two new fields in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug on the Yuganskoye-11 pipeline and the Yuganskoye-12 pipeline. pipes based on the results of drilling the first exploration wells.

The technological development of the Company in terms of increasing the efficiency of geological exploration concerns not only field seismic surveys, but also methods of their interpretation. As a result of a comprehensive analysis of geological and geophysical materials, a technique was developed for predicting areas of development of improved formations in formations confined to the basement protrusions and rift structures.